About Us

About Us

The all volunteer staff of the Friends of the Rogers Public Library operates the Friendly Bookstore.  Proceeds from the bookstore sales supplement the Library budget to broaden the services provided to the community.

Donations of used books and magazines will be gratefully accepted.

Become a Friend.

Friends of the Library membership applications are available at the Bookstore.

The Friendly Bookstore is a 501(c) tax exempt organization.

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  • Student eCards, including the cards and printing – in 2014 and 2015 over 18,000 cards were issued to students and teachers.
  • Summer Reading Club, including presenters, awards and printing.
  • Geek events, including T-shirts, awards and prizes.
  • Redesign website and updating branding.
  • Technology Grant for additional desktops and laptops, receipt printer and software upgrades.
  • Lunch & Learn programs, including honorariums, ads and refreshments.
  • New eBook vendor.

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Upcoming Promotions

  • April Promotions

    Inspiration, Religion, New Age and Philosophy

                    50% off marked price*

                    *excludes collectibles & special requests

                    **NOT ON SALE in room 13: History, Regional, Politics & War

  • May Promotions

        Antiques, Art, Drama, Essays, Music, Short Stories and True Crime

        50% off marked price*

        *excludes collectibles and special requests